Do Rodents Make Good Pets?

General Information

Rodents can be kept as pets, but what kind of pets they appear to be, it depends on the type of animal kept as a pet. The most common rodents include hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils, and guinea pigs which are kept as pets. They make good pets and are quite genial towards the children, but as they grow up, the problems may escalate. 

They require minimal care, and as compared to dogs and cats, they have a shorter lifespan of around 2 -5 years. With any pet, they occasionally get sick, and their illnesses can be severe which can lead to their death as well. Therefore, it is to be taken care of when it comes to safeguarding the health of these rodents. 

What do they eat?

When one has decided to keep rodents as pets, then the major concern is about providing them the right meal and in the right amount. Most rodents are omnivorous and eat a combination of pelleted hay, rodent chow, grains, seeds, vegetables and fruits, the amount of which depends on the type of rodent and its age. 

These animals are quite careful about the overgrowth of their incisors. The incisors or front teeth of all rodents grow indefinitely, and most of the rodents chew harder things to prevent their teeth from overgrowing. Overgrowth of incisors is a common problem and can be prevented or minimized by providing the pet with gnawing opportunities such as access to pieces of wood and other chewing objects or toys which are hard. 

Precautions to be taken

When it comes to keeping pets and if rodents are being kept as pets, then certain precautionary measures have to be taken to avoid any harmful event. The harmful events could be destroying your stored grains in the storeroom, the pet food for other pets in the home or it can be your electrical wires as well. This is why because many rodents try to prevent their incisors from overgrowth by chewing on the hard things. 

Dispose of waste properly

One has to take care of the waste that these rodents make. There have been cases where deadly diseases have spread widely only because of the negligence that is observed when it comes to proper disposal of waste. The urine and poop of rodents can be harmful if inhaled. Therefore it is imperative to take precautions before setting on the cleaning spree. Make sure that your infants are in check because rat bites can lead to severe ailing medical conditions as well. 

The safest way to get rid of them

If you want to get rid of them, call wildlife rehabilitators who are responsible for taking care of such animals, and they leave them in wild when they are grown-ups.

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