How to Find and Remove a Dead Rodent

You might have used a rodenticide, or maybe the rat that lives in your wall has been there for quite a while hasnt been that active and now youre beginning to suspect that hes dead. Youre confused is it really dead or has it just moved out and onto a better nesting spot. Either way, you have to prepare for the worst. So what exactly do you do with a dead rodent in the house? Lets look into the details and see where that leads us!

Why its better to use traps instead of poison

Rats are smart creature and evolution over countless years has blessed them with abilities which make survival easy for them, compared to other animals. One of that is the habit of eating a particular thing in turns, with ample time different in-between to ensure no negative side-effects. This also led us, humans, to make poison which acts due to multiple doses. The delayed effect of such poison means that the rat might find itself virtually anywhere before dying even a spot in your house that youre not aware of. Hence, its always best to use traps instead in which the rodent is directly in front of you, and youre aware of its physical whereabouts.

How to find a rat in your house

Finding a rodent in the house might be a tricky situation to be in but is quite simple once broken down. The key step to this may be to follow little and subtle clues. This includes the squeaky noise that theyre making almost all of the time. Be always on the watch for the little noise they make. Furthermore, try to see find any faecal matter in the house and try to find a relation between them. This may indicate the pattern the animal might follow when on the run.

Follow the smell

If youre beginning to fear that the rodent might have been dead and that youve already used poison, its already too late. There is a chance that the rodent might have been outside your house at the time of its death but probability suggests that it can be in your house as well. The best option, in this case, is to follow the smell, since decaying organic matter has a pungent odour, and this may lead you directly to the source.

What to do with it once youve found it

If youve found the rat, there are many ways to go about. It is advisable not just to throw it in the trash or outside because poison accumulation harms scavengers as well. Dispose of it in a bag or bury it in the backyard. Always use a glove and a mask to prevent the unnecessary spreading of bacteria.

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